Solar Panel Cleaning

Sparkling Image offers Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services for Delaware, South Jersey, and Philadelphia areas.

We use our specialized solar panel cleaning technology to ensure the peak performance.

Over the years we have been leading the way in solar panel cleaning services and maintenance. Why is solar panel cleaning important?

  • Efficiency is lost when dirty.
  • Regular washing will stop ‘solar clouding’ so your system will produce more for longer.
  • Having regular solar panel cleaning will maintain your warranty.

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Our Green Solar Panel Cleaning Technology

The solar panels stay clean up to 10 times longer

When chemicals and detergents are used a thin layer of sticky residue left behind. Our super purified water contains no chemicals or detergents. No sticky residue is left on the glass, therefore there is nothing for the dust to stick to, and they will stay clean up to 10x longer.

Solar panels will be cleaner

Super purified water has a strong desire to return to its impure state. The water, with the help of soft brush heads, lifts the dirt off the surface. We do not use the squeegee method because streaking occurs.

Safe for your panels

Solar panels are relatively fragile. You cannot stand, lean, or put much pressure on them. Our long telescopic poles with soft brush heads safely clean the anti reflective coating while not applying much pressure. Because we do not use chemicals or detergent there is no risk of chemical damage to the solar panels. And we do not use high pressure either, like with a pressure washer, since this can cause substantial damage. Finally, we use a method that does not quickly lower the temperature of the panels, which can crack and break them.

Environmentally friendly

You are obviously environmentally friendly conscious and we are also concerned about the environment. That is why we use pure water, eliminating the need for detergents or chemicals. Additionally, we conserve water with our technology, which uses only a small fraction of the water typically used to hose down solar panels.

Solar panel maintenance lengthens the lifespan of your system

Chemicals and detergents shorten the lifespan of glass and rubber seals. Pure water washes away damaging chemicals or dirt and leaves nothing that can shorten the lifespan of the solar panels.