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Brick Paver Cleaning, Re-Sanding and Sealing in North Delaware

seal n lock system cleaners smHas your brick, stone or concrete paver driveway, walkway, patio, porch, or pool deck lost its beautiful luster & rich color? This is likely due to the buildup of efflorescence (calcium deposits) and/or rust stains along with the daily wear & tear from the elements. You will be glad to know our Seal ‘N Lock Authorized Applicators possess the right knowledge, equipment and top quality products to restore your pavers’ beauty and protect them for the future.

The first step towards reclaiming your pavers’ true beauty. The buildup of years of dirt, grime, rust stains, efflorescence, moss or mildew is safely removed using our professional surface cleaning equipment. This important service unlocks the natural beauty of your pavers that has been trapped under those unsightly contaminants and provides us with a “clean slate” to move forward properly with the paver restoration process.

The second step in the process stabilizes your pavers. After cleaning, but prior to sealing, a vital step in the process is to “re-sand” the grout joints between all of the paver. This ensures that water, weeds, and insects will not be able to get under or between the pavers, thereby protecting the structural stability of your paver driveway, sidewalk, walkway, porch, patio, or pool deck.

This third and final step is what really makes your pavers shine! You can choose a “natural luster” or the “superwet” look. Whichever type of sealer you decide to go with, you will have beautiful pavers that not only look fantastic, but are also protected against moisture absorption, vegetation growth, fading, and ground-in dirt for many years to come, saving you time and money in the process!

We offer expert commercial and residential paver cleaning & sealing services for the following areas. DELAWARE: New Castle, DE; Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Dover, DE; Camden, DE; Cheswold, DE; Smyrna, DE; Wyoming, DE; MARYLAND: Cecil County, MD; Kent County, MD; NEW JERSEY: Pennsville, NJ; Penns Grove, NJ; Carneys Point, NJ; PENNSYLVANIA: Chester County, PA, Delaware County, PA


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